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Telepsychiatry Brings Appointments to You.

Female patient is extremely worried at first meeting with telemedicine psychotherapist.

Telepsychiatry is a subspecialty of telemedicine, which allows health care to be provided from a distance using technology. Through telepsychiatry, mental health appointments such as psychiatric evaluations, therapy sessions, education appointments, or medication management, can be performed via videoconferencing. These appointments are live interactions between the client and the provider.

We understand some of the most common barriers to mental health treatment are: transportation issues, difficulty taking time off from work, and lack of childcare. Access Health Services will help in removing these barriers. The appointments can be held at any location, meaning our professionals can come to your home or anywhere that you are comfortable with. Time is saved because travel is not required. If you have internet access through a computer or smartphone, you can participate in an appointment.
At this time, our telepsychiatry services are offered to our self-pay patients, Maryland Medicaid patients who meet criteria and all commercial insurances if the patient has telehealth benefits.

Your journey towards healing and recovery starts here. Set an Appointment now for service arrangements or contact us at 202-499-4300 / 301-830-8533.