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Taking Care of the Mental Health Amid Pandemic


Keeping a strong foundation is most helpful in times of hardship, just like what is happening to the world right now with the sudden hit of the coronavirus. The rapid change is depressing, and it caused too much anxiety.

Take care of your mental health. Here are tips for you:

  • Look for the silver lining in every situation where you feel that it is already impossible to untangle.
  • Find ways to share your grief. Being honest about how you feel can be the most liberating thing to do.
  • Acknowledge your losses. Let your heavy emotions out.
  • Talk to a friend, your pet, your family has someone who will listen and be there.
  • If things get worse and out of hand, seek help from a psychiatrist.

With the situation right now, and being a provider of therapy services in Maryland, we saw the necessity of conducting online consultations through telehealth to keep our patients’ health in check.

Access Health Services Behavioral and Wellness Clinic offers personalized, recovery-oriented services that are designed to promote overall physical and mental wellness to our patients. As a behavioral health clinic in Washington, District of Columbia, we also provide telepsychiatry to optimize the mental health of our patients.

We have an experienced and licensed psychiatrist in Washington, District of Columbia, who is readily available to communicate with you to assess what kind of help you need.

Aside from that, we also have an available psychiatrist in Lanham, Maryland. To know more about our telepsychiatry services, please browse through our website.

We look forward to guiding you towards holistic healing and recovery. Contact us for more or set an appointment with us for service arrangements.

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